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Introducing Victim Crisis Assistance Ontario (VCAO) at Chatham-Kent Victim Services

Chatham-Kent Victim Services offers Crisis Support and Assistance through the Victim Crisis Assistance Ontario (VCAO) program. VCAO is a vital community response program offering immediate, short-term crisis intervention services to individuals affected by crime, tragedy, and disaster. Our dedicated teams provide round-the-clock support, 365 days a year, ensuring help is always available when it’s needed most.

What We Offer:

VCAO teams consist of trained staff and volunteer crisis responders who deliver a range of essential services, including emotional support, practical assistance, and information and referrals, either on-site or by telephone.

Who is Considered a Victim?

A victim encompasses anyone whose life has been touched by crime, tragedy, or disaster, including:

  • Individuals directly impacted by a traumatic event.
  • Family and friends of victims of crime or tragedy.
  • Witnesses to violent or traumatic incidents.

How We Help:

Our services are tailored to meet the immediate needs of victims, offering:

  • Immediate crisis response and support.
  • Guidance on safety measures, both immediate and long-term.
  • Empathetic listening and emotional support.
  • Assistance in identifying options and connecting with appropriate community resources for continued support and next steps.

How to Access VCAO:

In emergency situations requiring immediate response, the Chatham-Kent Police Service, Chatham-Kent OPP, Chatham-Kent Fire and Rescue, Chatham-Kent Emergency Medical Services, and designated community partners such as the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance contact our 24/7 Emergency Response line directly to connect people in need of emergency support with the assistance they require. Please note that the Emergency Response Line is exclusively for use by Emergency Service Providers. If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911.

For other support from our Crisis Services Team of Community Crisis Responders and Crisis Support Staff, please contact us at 519-436-6630, email us at, or submit via the Contact Form by CLICKING HERE.

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If you require support, contact our office at 519.436.6630

If you are experiencing an emergency, dial 911 for immediate assistance.

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